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Mrs. Harry Dyer began our club by inviting nine women to meet at the H. A. Johnson home on east Broadway where the Ebell Society was organized on November 23, 1907. In her words--"Undaunted by lack of parliamentary formalities or courtesies required to give our club the dignity and perfection we aimed for, we possessed something which could push aside any block in our path. That something was enthusiasm, courage, and most unusual, cooperation."

The Constitution and Bylaws were adopted January 18, 1908. The Society met the first Saturday of each month except in December and August. Dues were one dollar and the membership fee was one dollar. Their motto is the one we use today, more than 100 years later.

The Ebell Society joined the State Federation on November 8, 1908, and on January 17, 1922, became an incorporated club, The Ebell Club of Anaheim.

The members dreamed of a clubhouse in 1911-1912, a dream realized 25 years later. For over 80 years the clubhouse has been a center of culture and the arts.

Ebell became a member of the National Federation of Women's Clubs under Mrs. Nellie Terry in 1923-24.

Today Ebell is an active, viable group because of these women. Let's endeavor to do as well for those who follow us.

Dr. Adrian John Ebell

A report read by Alberta Beckelheimer

at the April 6, 2009, General Luncheon Meeting.

The Ebell Club of Anaheim Centennial

November 23, 1907 -- November 23, 2007

"Happy Reflections of Yesteryear"

Formed in 1907 to expand the cultural life of Anaheim women and established on November 23, 1907, as "The Ebell Society of Anaheim," the organization was named for the Ebell Club of Oakland founded in 1876 by Dr. Adrian Ebell. Dr. Ebell planned an International Academy with chapters throughout the world. He was in the arts. Anaheim's club focused first on advancement of women in intellectual culture and individual pursuits, meeting each Saturday for "general instruction and social purposes." Blue and white yearbooks introduced Sections formed: Travel, Civics and German Conversation to recognize Anaheim's German heritage.

Focus shifted during World War I to helping the Red Cross and assisting in the war effort. The depression years found E. Kate Rea leading a building committee, and on January 31, 1937, a clubhouse was dedicated, with an afternoon tea. During World War II, optimism was the byword and the clubhouse became the scene of cultural events, while members also worked to support the Red Cross, plant Victory Gardens, buy Defense Bonds, and bake cakes for the USO to give cheer and aid to military personnel. Later, the Girl Scouts received generous support from the Ebell Club, and scholarships helped students to expand their horizons through further education.

The Ebell Club of Anaheim has evolved from a narrowly focused cultural entity, to a non-profit organization that keeps its finger firmly planted on the cultural pulse of the city, while opening its hands and heart to encompass the needs and desires of those who need a boost along the way. Ebell, incorporated in 1922, is affiliated with the General Federation of Women's Clubs and California Federation of Women's Clubs, Orange District. Anaheim Ebell's diverse membership has nutured Anaheim's heritage from grapes to oranges to aircraft and computer technology, advancing its cultural and intellectual growth and helping substantially to provide a base for a proud and promising future for the city of Anaheim.

The Ebell Club of Anaheim meets at 11:00 a.m. the first Monday of each month, September - June, at the Ebell Clubhouse at 226 N. Helena St., Anaheim, CA 92805. Membership is open.

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