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Do you need a facility in which to hold your business meeting, conference, seminar, memorial service, banquet, wedding reception, recital, or party--anniversary, baptism, birthday, graduation, or any other reason to hold a fun gathering? Perhaps the Ebell Clubhouse would be the perfect venue for your event.

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Located in central Anaheim at 226 N. Helena Street, the large Ebell hall (main hall floor approximately 63 long by 35 wide, adjacent to a 44 long by 9 wide entry area from the Club's parking lot) allows an attendance maximum of 175. At the front of the hall is a stage. Chairs and tables, a six foot pull down screen, as well as a podium and sound system are available for use. The wood floor is great for dancing. Next to the building is a parking lot for 25 cars. Ample parking is available on the street at times other than during street sweeping hours (Mondays, 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm). Parking across the street next to Pearson Park has no street sweeping time restriction.

[hall set for meeting]
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Have your next event at the attractive Ebell Clubhouse near downtown Anaheim!


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